R&D Center

Nhatrang Hitech company was originally established R&D Center in Ho Chi Minh city on December 1st 2011.

Official name: Academic Research Support Center (ARSC) – Nhatrang Hitech company, Ltd. (NHTC)

The major activities of the Center are R&D (Research and Development) about electronics, Power electronics, Automatic control, Robotics, Information Technology and Communications.

Main duties:

  1. Supporting /advising researchers in research, design fields and developing support tools for research projects.
  2. Building/training the skilled staff, creating a beneficial environment for members to approach innovative technologies across the world. In addition, the center will help members to have the best conditions to research on technology-related field and to supply human beings with necessary products in life in order to contribute to the innovation of science and technology in the country. The exceptional individuals will have a good chance to receive scholarships for higher education (Master’s or PhD degree) in connected universities.

Development Orientation:

  1. Having the well-qualified technical advisers, reliable staff, being prestigious in domestic and overseas market.
  2. Maintaining and developing relationships with other companies and firms-providing supporting solutions to R&D (Research and Development).
  3. Creating favorable conditions for members to work, to study and to create.
  4. Creating a beneficial environment for students to intern and to learn more knowledge, get more experience and take more skills from practical projects.

Currently, the center is cooperating with Electron Science Research Institute of Edith Cowan University, Australia. According to the plan, the center will extend cooperation with several Institutes in Australia in the long run.

NHTC – Hitech is for serving human life!

If you pay attention to the operation of ARSC, please CONTACT US.