Human Resource Management and Payroll System

On November 20th 2014, at Ngoc Tham Jewelry Company Office(NTJ) , Mr.Nguyen Ngoc Son- General Director of NTJ and Mr.Bui Trung Hieu- President of NhaTrang Hitech Company (NHTC) agreed to implement Human resource management and employee timekeeping, payroll system which NHTC develops for the whole Ngoc Tham system, including 9 stores and factories, with more than 350 employees.
The system includes:

  1. 15 timekeepers using RFID technology are connected to a central server via Internet (designed and supplied by NHTC).The machines are capable of independent operation even in case of power failure (with battery to maintain continuous operation for 12 hours) or Internet connection incidents (automatically sync when connected back).
  2. Server is specially designed to store/ update information for the whole system.
  3. The software packages are decentralized for directors, accountants, technicians … to manage employees, create employee ID cards (RFID),time keeping, payroll, pension, and other remuneration …

Hệ thống quản lý nhân viên và tính lương4. This project elevates the partnership between the two companies to a new level in which NHTC will coordinate with NTJ to gradually upgrade to digitization and management process. This will help management more easily, accurate, convenient and guarantee the rights of employees.

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